Celebrating our 75th Year as a Company!

In 1946, 75 years ago, Erv Hein founded Hein Electric Supply. Shortly after, Sid Kohlenberg purchased the business. Gas was 15 cents per gallon, the average cost of a house was $5,600, a dozen eggs were 64 cents, the United Nations held its first meeting, Earl Tupper introduced Tupperware, and it was the beginning of the Baby Boomer generation. Over the years, Hein Electric Supply has experienced manufacturers and competitors enter and exit the marketplace. We have seen new products, new codes and the discontinuation of some. The requirements of both manufacturers and our customers have changed and will continue to do so. Technology and its impact on business has gone from abstract thoughts and ideas to “how business is done”. During our years in business many things have changed and will continue to change. Over 75 years we have and will continue to adapt to the market, technology and whatever new challenges arise. However, our core values and approach to business have remained consistent. We are an independent, customer driven, service-oriented company. Our incredibly dedicated associates are focused on making your every interaction with us a good experience. Thank you to both our suppliers and customers for your commitment and support. Sincerely, Ron Kohlenberg

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